Shenzhen Engineer of Envitech Technology Co., Ltd.(also known as E-envitech) Registered in 2015 and headquartered in Jinxiu Science Park, Guanjing Road, Guanlan Street, Longhua District Shenzhen, China. E-envitech is a technology and innovation enterprise specialized monitoring the drinking water, surface water, and water in drain out. According to the different environments of water, E-envitech designs different water online-monitor systems and provides different services.
E-envitech are developing a small and smart water online-monitor system which can be apply in the household. The business of E-envitech comes from monitoring water at present to the air, soil, nuclear pollution etc.

E-envitech has set up a R&D and production base in Shenzhen and established a branch in Frankfurt, Germany, maintaining a good cooperation relationship with famous companies at home and abroad. E-envitech has an excellent R&D and product team. The E-envitech man drives by technical innovation, insists on market-orientation and aims at providing good service.
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